• Royole Moon+Private Cinema


    Royole Moon+Private Cinema The Royole Moon accessories on the car seat can be fixed on the car seat, stored and rotated for wearing, allowing passengers to enjoy a private 3D IMAX cinema experience while in the car.

  • Car seats


    Car seats Flexible sensors are embedded in the fabric and leather of car seats, which can adjust the front and rear, tilt, and height of the seats.

  • Car windows


    Car windows Flexible sensors are implanted inside the car window, which can adjust the window's shading, opening and closing degree, opening and closing operations through sliding and other methods.

  • Driving control


    Driving control Integrating some of the most commonly used driving controls (speakers, gear shifts, turn signals, etc.) onto the steering wheel, the driver's hands and vision do not need to leave the steering wheel, and can be operated more conveniently through convenient swiping and other operations.

  • Puzzle robot


    Puzzle robot Flexible display and sensing will make puzzle robots more interactive, allowing users to touch and receive timely feedback, making them more personalized.

  • Commercial robots


    Commercial robots By combining flexible electronic technology with commercial robots, commercial robots are endowed with stronger communication abilities, while greatly reducing the learning costs of using commercial robots.

  • basic education


    basic education Exam system solution, calligraphy classroom solution, flipped classroom solution, and study travel solution

  • Government Office


    Government Office Meeting system solution, meeting recording solution

  • Bank office


    Bank office Form circulation system Electronic signature system Mobile credit card issuance system

  • Smart home appliances


    Smart home appliances By utilizing technologies such as flexible display and flexible sensing, we aim to improve the human-computer interaction experience for various household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and color televisions, making smart home appliances truly intelligent.

  • Smart Home


    Smart Home Rouyu Technology comprehensively uses the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and big data technologies, combined with its own flexible electronic technology, to effectively combine home life such as intelligent control of home devices, perception of home environment, perception of family health, perception of home security, information exchange, consumer services, and create a healthy, safe, comfortable, low-carbon and convenient personalized home life.

  • Flexible car central control


    Flexible car central control Flexible electronics are applied in scenarios such as central control, instrument panel, seats, windows and skylights, entertainment and leisure in flexible cars, It will be a brand new design element for automobiles, enhancing customer driving experience and enhancing corporate brand value; At the same time, the application of flexible electronics in the display end of smart cities will bring a full sense of technology to this area.

  • Server virtualization solutions


    What is virtualization? Simply put, virtualization is the process of creating virtual (rather than physical) versions of certain components. Virtualization can be applied to computers, operating systems, storage devices, applications, or networks. However, server virtualization is the core of virtualization.

  • "Flexible+" solution


    The development, production, and sales of smart home related products provide integrated IoT solutions for smart homes, smart appliances, smart hotels, apartments, and buildings. Application products: smart switches, remote controls, conference systems, flexible electronic smart sofas, etc.

  • Deeply convinced desktop cloud (aDesk) solution


    In the traditional PC office IT model, problems such as easy hardware damage, multiple system failures, and cumbersome software updates can all bring about significant management workload and IT operation and maintenance costs. Deeply convinced by aDesk's one-stop desktop cloud solution, personal desktops are centrally deployed on data * to achieve unified desktop control, while providing users with on-demand access to cloud desktops, making business operations more flexible. This solution only requires two types of hardware: desktop cloud all-in-one machine VDS (including server hardware, desktop virtualization, server virtualization, and storage virtualization), and thin terminal aDesk, to complete the rapid construction of desktop cloud. A one-stop desktop cloud solution can effectively improve deployment efficiency and simplify desktop operation and maintenance work. At the same time, it can also ensure information security and achieve mobile office.

  • Multimedia audio and video


    The interactive application of flexible display and flexible sensing provides consumers with new sensory experiences and human-computer interaction applications. Application products: 3D mobile cinema Royole Moon, 3D projection cinema, smart speakers, televisions, etc.

  • Handheld devices


    Provide flexible+solutions for handheld devices and offer users a new human-computer interaction experience. Application products: wearable phones, bendable tablets, curved transparent phones, smart notebooks, etc.


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