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  • Shuangxinhui Joins Hands in Deeply Believing to Hold the "Smart Security and Cloud IT" Exchange Conference of China Ordnance Industry Group

    The theme of the meeting: How military enterprises can establish a comprehensive security protection system that is more compliant and efficient in new technologies and situations.Guest check-inThe conference communication can be divided into the following four aspects:1. Policy interpretation of the Cybersecurity Law and the practice of equal protection 2.0;2. Requirements and solutions for the IPV6 transformation of * enterprise's external business release;3.How to establish an overall sec

  • What are the advantages of outsourcing disaster recovery services provided by disaster recovery software companies?

    There are many ways to deal with disaster recovery. In addition to arranging and undertaking it yourself, you can also find a specialized disaster recovery software company to outsource disaster recovery services, which can save a lot of complex things and obtain more professional services. Because this approach has several advantages, it is much more effective than doing it on its own, so it is now popular among many businesses.What are the advantages of outsourcing disaster recovery services p

  • What considerations should be considered when choosing a system network security company

    The internet has become the main platform for various enterprises to conduct transaction activities, data sharing or promotion. Due to various unsafe factors on the platform, it is necessary to choose a system network security company to provide protection, which can ensure that enterprises can safely operate various activities on the network platform and ensure data security. In the selection process, not only should we understand which system network security company has a good reputation, but


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