Shuangxinhui Joins Hands in Deeply Believing to Hold the "Smart Security and Cloud IT" Exchange Conference of China Ordnance Industry Group

The theme of the meeting: How military enterprises can establish a comprehensive security protection system that is more compliant and efficient in new technologies and situations.


Guest check-in


The conference communication can be divided into the following four aspects:

1. Policy interpretation of the Cybersecurity Law and the practice of equal protection 2.0;

2. Requirements and solutions for the IPV6 transformation of * enterprise's external business release;

3.How to establish an overall security protection system to defend against new threats such as ransomware in the new situation?

4.How to ensure tenant level security in the cloud during the process of data * cloudization?

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Yu Ran from China Ordnance Materials Group Co., Ltd. delivered a welcome speech


Weapon Industry Group Yuran

Military enterprises such as the Ordnance Industry Group are an important component of the national defense technology industry and one of the earliest industries to apply information technology. However, with the introduction of many national policies and regulations, and the vigorous development of big data, mobile Internet, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies, network security and the development of these networks complement each other. So regarding network security, our trusted general manager and security BU supervisor from our partners will explain the interpretation and practice of the equal protection 2.0 policy


【 Deeply convinced by Peng Xuejia, General Manager of Beijing, delivering a welcome speech 】

Liu Peng, the head of Shenxin Security BU, talks about intelligent security: building a security brain that makes security perceptible, easy to operate, and how cloud IT can build a desktop cloud and cloud security system with dual network isolation.

In July, Beijing has been experiencing continuous high temperatures for almost a month, but there are still so many guests and clients who have braved the scorching heat to come to the scene and listen attentively. During the meeting, the lecturers interacted and exchanged ideas with the guests present. We provided exquisite small gifts to the questioners, and the atmosphere of the meeting suddenly ignited.

 2108年双鑫汇携手深信服举行中国兵器工业集团“智安全.云IT 2108年双鑫汇携手深信服举行中国兵器工业集团“智安全.云IT

[Gags Review] Various levels of the company and sales elites led customer guests to visit and explain


The meeting was delivered by Ms. He Xiaojie, the manager of Beijing Shuangxin Group. Ms. Xiaojie gave a detailed explanation on how to better provide service support for weapon users, as well as the company's overview and business modules. Amidst enthusiastic applause, the general manager concluded this wonderful speech!2108年双鑫汇携手深信服举行中国兵器工业集团“智安全.云IT


[Shuangxin Summary Manager He Xiaojie]

Thank you to the colleagues who have devoted great love to this exchange meeting. Thanks to this thoughtful and meticulous arrangement and planning, the customers and guests present have gained something and returned satisfied!

Thank you to our esteemed customer. We sincerely appreciate your trust and support in Beijing Shuangxinhui Company. We sincerely hope to receive your valuable advice and guidance in future cooperation. We will serve you with sincerity, integrity, sincerity, and enthusiasm, with a hundred times our efforts and a brand new spirit and style, in return for your kindness. At the same time, we will also provide more professional and professional services More timely market information will contribute our modest efforts to your enterprise level information construction!

Guided by the market, with customers as the core, talents as capital, and quality as the premise, we have walked and experienced the scenery along the way. Going far and beyond our dreams, we are willing to proudly form a business community with people from all walks of life in society, cooperate for mutual benefit, sincerely care for each other's flow, expand the territory of ideals and aspirations to a wider range, and embark on a journey to accomplish a greater mission

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